Welcome to Direct2Recovery

Opening Hours : Monday to Thursday - 9AM to 5PM
  Contact : 602.601.7429

Telemedicine Visits

Those patients that continue to do well and have been treated successfully for six months may be eligible to begin telemedicine visits. Telemedicine visits would be conducted every other month in lieu of your visit to the clinic. Your regular monthly fee would still be collected however you could perform your visit from home through any smart device or camera enabled computer.

Additional Information

Please be aware that fraudulent attempts to obtain controlled substance prescriptions are not protected by patient confidentiality. Any suspected deception or fraud (such as selling medications, altering prescriptions, obtaining prescriptions from multiple doctors, etc.) will be ground for immediate termination from treatment and will be reported to law enforcement.

Please be aware that NO MEDICATIONS of any kind are kept in our office. We do not physically dispense any medication; it is obtained from a pharmacy with a prescription.

Next Steps

If you feel that you would be a good fit for treatment here, please call the office at (602-601-7429) or submit your contact information through the “contact us tab” on our website page www.direct2recovery.com.

When we schedule your initial appointment, you can also download the additional intake paperwork, print it off, complete it, and bring it to your appointment with you, or you may choose to arrive fifteen minutes early to your scheduled appointment and complete the paperwork in office.