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Juliann Lockwood, PA-C

Juliann (Julie) Lockwood, BA Kinesiology and BS (PA-C) Physician Assistant has been working in family practice, and pain management for the majority of her 13 years in medicine and now has made the transition to addiction treatment and found her niche! She has always been intrigued by behavior change starting out her 17 years in exercise physiology prior to becoming a physician assistant.  In 1992 when she first worked at The Pritikin Longevity Center, as a ECG technician doing cardiac stress testing and exercise training, she began to develop her interest in behavior change and lifestyle modification.  Finally when working with Johnson and Johnson in their corporate wellness division, and at the Kennedy Space Center Fitness Center doing outreach with obesity, nutrition and exercise, she realized that behavior modification especially in addictive behavior was her calling.  In 2006, Julie graduated from Long Island University at Brooklyn in the Physician Assistant program and started a brief career in vascular surgery at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell hospital on the upper east side of Manhattan.  This was short-lived when she moved back to her home state of Minnesota where she met and married her husband of 10 years and had one daughter, Haley, now 6 years old.  Julie then started her career as a physician assistant in the pursuit of understanding addictive behaviors and motivational coaching in medicine, especially over the past two years. Today the Lockwoods call Moon Valley their home and Julie takes part in hiking, camping and working out any chance she can get. Her love is treating addictive behavior and suggesting non-traditional concepts that go well beyond giving a pill to her patients. She thrives on understanding the whole person, his/her family/culture and the patient’s aspirations to lead a healthier, happier life.