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Opiate Addiction Help Arizona

Share Opiate Addiction Help Arizona with Loved Ones

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When someone you love is addicted to opiates, it can be devastating to your entire family. Often the addict lies, steals, lashes out, and causes emotional and financial problems for the family. It can be worrisome, scary, and extremely stressful for family members. It’s hard to know what to do—and what not to do—to help your loved one and help the family. How can you find and share opiate addiction help Arizona for your loved one?

Break the Codependency Cycle

First, take an honest look at your relationship with your loved one before you seek or share opiate addiction help Arizona. Many people close to an addict have a genuine desire to help and take care of their loved one, but often that well-intentioned help ends up enabling the addict and prolonging the addiction. The help is damaging to the addict’s health and well-being—as well as yours. It can also lead the addict to increased risks of overdose and death. This type of a relationship is called codependency.

Codependency includes:

  1. Taking responsibility for the addict’s actions
  2. Feeling responsible for the addict’s happiness at the expense of your own
  3. Protecting and making excuses for the addict
  4. Putting the addict’s needs and feelings ahead of your own
  5. Holding on to your relationship with the addict to avoid being abandoned or alone
  6. Focusing on fixing the addict instead of helping yourself
  7. Inability to set personal boundaries

Codependent relationships are unhealthy and emotionally destructive, and they and can become abusive. Common codependent family relationships are between parent and child, spouses or partners, grandparent and grandchild, and siblings.

If you are in a codependent relationship with an addict, you both need to get professional opiate addiction help Arizona to not only overcome the addiction but also address your emotional needs and improve the relationship. In fact, it’s a good idea for your entire family to seek professional opiate addiction help Arizona to get the support you need to heal and move forward together. A healthy family can better support an addict’s success as he or she goes through opiate recovery.

Getting Opiate Addiction Help Arizona

Opiate addiction help Arizona

Many people try to steer their loved one to get professional help for their opiate addiction. It’s important to influence opiate addiction help Arizona, rather than trying to force or control it. Addiction is not a choice an addict can control—it’s a compulsion.

You can show the addict your love and support by staging an intervention with your family and other friends and loved ones. Address concerns, set realistic boundaries, and offer the addict the opportunity to change and get opiate addiction help Arizona. Be calm, be clear, and be strong. Avoid blaming the addict, and instead focus on the their impact on you and others. You also have to be consistent. It’s possible your loved one will not listen the first time. It may take multiple conversations and offers of help to get through to them before they’re ready to make a change.

If you or someone you love is struggling with opioid addiction and needs opiate addiction help Arizona, count on Direct2Recovery, an outpatient program that uses Suboxone to treat addiction, to help your loved ones make a change and turn their life around. Contact us now to learn more and get the support your family needs.