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When you choose Direct2Recovery for your Sublocade clinic needs in Phoenix, Arizona, you are choosing a place that prioritizes personalized and compassionate addiction care. We have an experienced team that is dedicated to providing comprehensive Sublocade treatment, tailored to your unique needs. We focus on supporting you and helping you achieve lasting recovery, and we’re proud to offer a safe and understanding environment where you can feel comfortable and confident on your journey to wellness. You can trust us to provide effective, evidence-based care in the heart of Phoenix.

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What is Sublocade

Sublocade is a medication for opioid addiction. It has buprenorphine, which acts like opioids but is believed to be safer. You get Sublocade as an injection every month, so no daily pills. It is believed to lower your cravings and withdrawal and help you heal. That said, Sublocade is not enough on its own, and you’ll also need counseling and support for a complete treatment. We care about your recovery and Sublocade can assist you, but it is very powerful, so you should follow the guidance of an expert in opioid addiction.

Side Effects of Sublocade

Sublocade may cause some mild side effects, such as nausea, headache, constipation, or injection site discomfort. These are usually not serious and will fade with time. However, there may be other side effects of Sublocade that you should watch out for. If you notice any signs of an allergic reaction or liver problems, such as rash, itching, trouble breathing, or skin or eye yellowing, get medical help right away. We care about your wellbeing, and we urge you to consult your healthcare professional about any Sublocade-related issues.

What is Sublocade Used for

Opioid addiction is a serious condition that can affect your life in many ways. Are you wondering: what is Sublocade used for? It is a medication that can be considered as an option to help you overcome this challenge. Sublocade contains buprenorphine, a substance that works similarly to opioids, but is believed to be without the harmful effects. Sublocade is given as a monthly injection, so you can avoid the hassle of daily dosing.

Sublocade is not a cure for opioid addiction, but rather a tool that can help you manage your cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and support your recovery process. Sublocade is most effective when used along with counseling and support services, which can help you address the underlying causes of your addiction and cope with any challenges you may face. We want to help you achieve your recovery goals, and Sublocade can be a valuable ally in your journey.

Addiction Recovery Treatment

Program Benefits and Goals

At Direct2Recovery, we understand the challenges of opioid addiction, and we are here to help you overcome them. Our Sublocade clinic offers a supportive environment where you can receive Sublocade, a medication that can help you reduce your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Sublocade is given as a monthly injection, so you can focus on your healing. 

Our clinic also offers flexibility with tailored schedules, a holistic approach that addresses your physical and emotional needs, and a caring community that supports your recovery journey. We are to help you achieve lasting recovery, equip you with coping skills, and provide you with tools to prevent relapse.

Sublocade – Fighting Suboxone Withdrawal

Our knowledgeable and caring team of providers understands the challenges of overcoming opioid dependence. That is why we have developed a unique treatment that delivers buprenorphine slowly and steadily, minimizing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This gentler method of treatment for Sublocade withdrawal allows for a smoother transition off Suboxone, supporting long-term recovery. Below, we invite you to learn more about how Sublocade can help you fight off the withdrawals from Suboxone.

How Long Does Sublocade Withdrawal Last?

The Sublocade withdrawal timeline can be challenging and unpredictable. The length and severity of your withdrawal symptoms may depend on how long and how much you have been taking Sublocade. Some people may experience symptoms as soon as a few days after their last dose, while others may feel them for weeks. 

What Happens After Sublocade Treatment?

Once have completed Sublocade treatment, your recovery journey is not over. With that in mind, we are here to support you as you transition to outpatient care, where you will continue to receive therapy, support groups, and medication management. We can help you plan for relapse prevention, apply your learned skills to daily life, and embrace holistic practices for your well-being.

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You deserve a life free from opioid addiction, and our Sublocade clinic in Phoenix is ready to welcome you with open arms. Our comprehensive program includes specialized therapy, interactive discussions, and peer support, and we will help guide you through assessment, admission, and personalized care.

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FAQs About Sublocade

Suboxone is a tablet with buprenorphine and naloxone, which you dissolve under your tongue. Buprenorphine helps with withdrawal and cravings, while naloxone prevents misuse and overdose. Sublocade is a monthly shot with only buprenorphine, which lasts longer. This means you don’t need to take your medication every day, and you can focus on recovery. Both Suboxone and Sublocade are safe and effective, but they may suit different needs. We recommend you talk to your doctor about the best option for you.

With just one Sublocade injection, you can get enough buprenorphine for a whole month, which helps you stay on track with your recovery from opioid addiction.

We understand that recovery is a personal journey, and success rates may differ for each person. However, Sublocade can help you by easing your cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and supporting your opioid addiction treatment.

Sublocade usually helps with long-term recovery. However, everyone is different, and you may experience some issues or side effects. If this happens, we urge you to talk to your healthcare provider about them.

Sublocade is not addictive. It has buprenorphine, a mild opioid that eases cravings and withdrawal. It does not make you feel as “high” as strong opioids.

Yes, Sublocade is a controlled substance. It contains buprenorphine, which is a Schedule III drug. We recommend you follow the prescription and storage instructions carefully.

You can switch from Suboxone to Sublocade with your doctor’s help. The change is usually monitored by your provider to help make sure the treatment works well.

Sublocade can affect some medicines, so tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, even any herbal ones. Food is not usually a problem, though.

Taking Sublocade while pregnant warrants careful consideration, as the benefits must outweigh the risks. If you are pregnant, please talk to your doctor before taking this treatment.

You get Sublocade as a shot every month, usually into your abdomen. Skilled providers who are familiar with opioid addiction will be performing the injection.

Sublocade is not a suitable option for pain management, as it is designed only for the treatment of opioid use disorder. However, there are other medications and methods that can help you cope with your pain more effectively.