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Arizona Rehab Program

Arizona Rehab Program: Addiction is a learned behavior that changes the brain to become conditioned to continually want the substance.  Through counseling and other behavior health modifications it has been known that the brain can actually change physically.  By changing our environment, starting a new job, new hobbies and friends, all will alter our brain in some way.  It is possible to undo some of the changes that occurred while addicted.  Therapy will recondition the brain closer to pre-addiction status.  This will better prepare the patient for a time when they may no longer require medication. Addictions
Opiate Addiction
Alcohol Addiction
Heroin Addiction
Cocaine Addiction
Marijuana Addiction
Prescription Drug Addiction Direct2Recovery
At Direct2Recovery our mission is to passionately help as many patients as we can to overcome their addiction and begin to live life at its fullest once again. We strive to make every patient that walks into our office feel comfortable and genuinely welcome. Prior to starting his Direct2Recovery practice, Dr. Flatley was an emergency room doctor for eighteen years. While seeing the opioid epidemic at its worst, Dr. Flatley treated patients daily in the ER that were seeking help for withdrawal symptoms, enduring drug overdoses, and all to often he saw lives lost to this addiction. At Direct2Recovery we use a medication assisted option of Buprenophine/Naltrexone (Suboxone) to treat opioid addiction. We will also express the importance of addiction counseling therapy and recommend this to be part of every patients treatment.
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