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cocaine addiction rehab

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine has a long history that many don’t know about. Its first known use occurred over 3000 years ago, back when cocaine was simply the coca plant. Coca is one of the oldest, most potent and most dangerous stimulants of natural origin. Ancient Incas in the Andes chewed its leaves to get their hearts racing and to speed their breathing to counter the effects of living in thin mountain air. 

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addicted to opioids

What Should You Do If A Family Member has an Opiate Addiction?

When a family member is addicted to opioids, you can feel powerless, guilty, or confused. Let us at Direct2Recovery be the first to say that it’s not your fault. Drug addictions are complex and have numerous factors that go into them — it’s rarely just one instance or one oversight. Many things go into it and you should not blame yourself for it. 

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types of telemedicine

What Are Different Types of Telemedicine

Telemedicine allows anyone to receive counseling and see a doctor without leaving their home. There are a few types of telemedicine: it can be done over the phone, over a video call, through a website portal, or in a hybrid model. However it is done, it was created to make healthcare accessible. 

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How does therapy work

How Does Therapy Work for Substance Use?

We understand that therapy and counseling often come with a negative stigma. Despite that, time and time again, therapy and counseling have proven that they are for everyone and that they really do help. When it comes to substance use disorder, the methods are a little different but the core value is still the same: to help you work through a problem. 

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What is a Narcotic?

Many people think narcotics are every type of illicit drugs, but that’s only partially true. So, what is a narcotic? It is an illicit substance, but it is a specific type. A narcotic is another name of opioid. They are one in the same and come from the poppy plant. 

Narcotics produce a “stupor” effect that dulls the user’s senses and relieves pain. That’s why they’re commonly prescribed by doctors as powerful pain relievers. 

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What to Expect with Suboxone Withdrawal

When your body is used to having something in its system, it often expects to continue getting it. Take sugar for example. If you have a sweet tooth and can’t go a day without a treat, that’s likely because your body is accustomed to the amount of sugar each day. If you don’t have it, you develop cravings, right? And after a day or so without eating a cookie, ice cream, or candy of your choice, your cravings get worse and worse. That’s because you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms from sugar. 

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signs of alcoholism and how to help

The Stages and Signs of Alcoholism

The first step in fixing a problem is recognizing and admitting there is one. For many people that can be difficult. Some people are unable to admit this, even if all the signs are there. Often it comes to friends and family, those closest to us to recognize when something is truly amiss and that help is needed. Hearing an objective third party identify can help those who struggle to reconcile the fact that there is a problem. To do that, they need to know the signs of alcoholism.

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