The Power of Telemedicine Programs

Telemedicine isn’t a brand new service. Doctors have been offering some form of remote services since the 1950s, but it is truly coming into its own and at Direct2Recovery it is a crucial tool for how we provide the best support to our patients today.

Telemedicine Programs

There are a few types but the gist of telemedicine programs is this: the ability to communicate with a healthcare provider and receive treatment without interacting face to face. It might be done over the phone, it may involve a video call, it might be a website portal. Whatever it is, it makes health care accessible.

Kinds of Telemedicine

There are several different types of telemedicine but for our purposes here today these are the big ones:

Interactive medicine or live telemedicine: Physicians and patients communicate in real-time over the phone, through instant messaging, or video calls.

Remote patient monitoring: Caregivers monitor patients who use mobile medical equipment to collect vitals and data like blood sugar readings, blood pressure, and more.

What Telemedicine IS

Telemedicine is a great way to provide access to healthcare for common things. Checkups, looking for a simple prescription refill, diagnosing a rash. For many people, these would go untreated because the time and cost of getting into a doctor’s office are just outside the realm of possibility. They may live in a remote or rural area, they may not have a physician whose office hours work with their hectic schedules. For the more run of the mill, or regular needs, telemedicine provides access.

What Telemedicine ISN’T

Telemedicine isn’t a replacement for emergency or intensive care. If you are having a heart attack, you need to get medical attention stat. An x-ray can’t be done over Zoom, so you still need facilities for specific procedures and care.

Telemedicine Isn’t Perfect

Telemedicine isn’t a panacea, hell, nothing is! It’s only as effective as the effort you are willing to put in. Healthcare can only be provided if you reach out and try to get it. 

The Benefits of Telemedicine

  • Access
  • Lower costs on average
  • Improved quality of care delivery
  • Supplements and enhances traditional face-to-face medicine
  • Improves patient agency, engagement, and satisfaction
  • Improves provider satisfaction

speaking with a doctor via video call, telemedicine

Telemedicine in the Age of COVID

We are in the midst of a strange time. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting every aspect of our daily lives, it can be difficult (and impossible for some) to get the care they need or were accustomed to beforehand. For patients battling addiction, this is especially true. 

A huge part of our integrated approach to addiction recovery involves counseling, therapy, and meetings. Regular meetings, face to face counseling is a critical factor in supporting their efforts to kick their addiction. With Stay-At-Home orders being enacted across the country and social distancing in place, getting together with a counselor in person is next to impossible, but with telemedicine, the next check-in is still on the calendar. Direct2Recovery isn’t about to let anyone fall through the cracks.

We are offering telemedicine to new and existing patients effective immediately – no need to visit the office. We accept most insurances, so please call now to stay on your path of sobriety or to start your new journey to treatment. We are here to help! Leveraging telemedicine to ensure our patients are still receiving the care and support they need while they continue to battle addiction is the best call. Ready to fight addiction? Have a loved one in need of care? They can still start the journey to recovery today, even while stuck at home. Contact us today and become a Direct2Recovery patient!

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